Garrett Morgan School of Science Partnership

NC100BWGC partnered with Garrett Morgan Middle School to help them execute programs and activities in accordance with grants the school received from Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities and Nutri-Bullet to help reduce obesity among students:

Nutri-Bullet Eating Challenge

Garrett Morgan 2NC100BWGC member Sherdina H. Williams applied for and received a grant from Nutri-Bullet in the amount of $15,000. The grant was awarded to aid students in changing their eating habits over a 90 day period by providing them with access to Nutri-Bullets blenders to encourage students to consume fruits and vegetables via smoothies. The grant provided a Blast Kitchen for student use during school and each participant was given a Nutri-Bullet, ingredients and smoothie recipes for home use.

Garrett Morgan 3

Market Day

Garrett Morgan partnered with the Cleveland Food bank to create a Market Day twice a month (2nd and 4th Friday) where fresh fruits and produce are distributed to the school and it’s near west side community. During Market Day a nutritional educator is present to provide information on the produce available and recipes. NC100BWGC members volunteer at each Market Day distribution.

Garrett Morgan 5Health and Wellness Fair

NC10BWGC provided sponsorship and volunteers for workshops to Garrett Morgan students, faculty, parents and community about the importance of nutrition and fitness for healthier mental and physical well-being.

Garrett Morgan 6Nutritional Boot Camp Classes

NC100BWGC developed and taught a Nutritional Boot Camp in March during National Nutritional Month. During this camp the students were taught pertinent facts about minerals and vitamins; the nutritional value of consuming fruits and vegetables; portion sizes; caloric intakes and other life skills regarding nutrition.